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  • SR series is economic quality safety fence and made of Virgin HDPE mixed with recycled material. The low cost is more attractive for cash-starved construction projest or short-term warning areas.As such fence is just made for warning, no strength or long durability is requested. Definitely, it will be a good choice for economic clients.
  • V-SR series' material is made of 100% Virgin HDPE with UV protection no any recycled. Its high strength, good elongation and long durability attract the customers a lot, alsoits fluorescent orange color can be easily noticed, so it is always a perfect ideal for special requested construction sites,hazardous walk areas and snow drift control etc.
  • plastic square mesh is also called as multi-purposed fence and Garden fence, it is widely used in the home, commercial businesses and farm areas with its good performance of none-splinters, smooth edges and anti-rust. It is easy to install a screen for flower or vegetable gardens, a trellis for climbing flowers or plants, a temporary fence for newly planted shrubs and trees, or a compost bin.
  • Diamond mesh is a tough plastic fence with diamond shape mesh, the perfect rigidity will easily help the fence to be stood up, contributing to its heavy weight, the superior strength and long durability are its outstanding advantage. So it is an attractive ideal for gardening and farm areas
  • Underground Warning Mesh is an excellent warning device for underground protection utilities such as pipeline and cables. This brightly coloured mesh has a warning message for easy recognition on excavator.
  • Snow fence is a must for winter safety. With its heavy weight and superior tensile strength, the snow fence will not be fragile or deform in deep cold weather. So it is widely used in snow drift control along roads, in park lots, commercial and residential areas.
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Temporary Green Outdoor Safety Fence

product name:safety fence
material: 100% HDPE
color: orange,green,yellow
weight: 100gsm
width: 4ft
mesh size: 4ft*100ft
hole size: appro.70*40mm
application: construction, roadway, crowd control
min order: 500KGS
  • V-SR100-7040
  • customized
  • 3925900000

Safety fence is also named as warning barrier and warning fence, the main color is orange, designed for warning. It is widely used in construction, roadway, crowd control, railway, other work areas for warning.

Products Description

Material  100% HDPE with UV
Style SR series
Weight 100gsm
Width 4ft
Length 100ft
Open size appro.70x40mm
Color Orange , Yellow , Blue , Green etc...
Moq 200 rolls



ageing resistance


flexible and lightweight

easy to install and take down


more visible

outdoor safety fence

construction safety fence


construction sites, work sites

open excavations, sport events

crowd control

snow and sand fencing

hazardous walk areas

new building construction

warning and restricted areas


the process of temporary plastic safety fence

temporary construction fence

green construction fence


More than 17 years′ experience in the plastic mesh field

After more than 18 years′ experience in the plastic mesh field, our products are extending widely to safety fence, snow fence, garden square mesh, diamond mesh, hexagonal poultry mesh, underground warning mesh and we are still continuing on. 
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