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What are the types of barrier fence?

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What are the types of barrier fence?

When companies have to complete projects on the side of the road, traffic control and safety are top priorities. The company must strive to ensure the safety of employees working on roadside projects, any pedestrians in the area, and all drivers using the road. This means that they will need to use common field equipment to prevent or limit the damage caused by accidents, especially in construction projects occurring on highways or other high-speed areas, which should be effective in preventing or reducing the damage caused by accidents. When your yard or garden is invaded by wild animals, you may also want to look for equipment, such as fences, to block their view and protect your precious garden. We will introduce some types of barrier fences to help you get more information.

u Crash barrier

u Traditional plastic/pedestrian barriers

u Solid fences

u Electric fences

u Barrier fences for petsbarrier fence

Crash barrier

There are a variety of crash barrier fences designed to prevent one or more vehicles from crashing into a safety device. Crash barrier fences can provide extremely high vehicle braking strength. The pop-up bollard is a kind of automatic retaining wall that is itself a fence. The electronic mooring column has a variety of anti-collision grades and aesthetic choices. The manual version of the tether system can be upgraded to an electric system at any time in the future. High-tech features can include backup batteries, touch-screen controls and other computer-controlled options. The technology in some retractable barrier systems is so accurate that it can immediately detect the speed of one or more vehicles to initiate the action of the mooring column protruding from its underground housing. When not in use, the electric piles will burst into the sidewalk to provide maximum pedestrian movement.

Traditional plastic/pedestrian barriers

In addition to barrier fences used to direct traffic and prevent traffic accidents, many construction sites require other barrier fences to protect pedestrians. Our product is a good example of this product, which is ideal for use in low-speed traffic areas and prevents pedestrians from entering restricted areas. Like our plastic counterparts, these plastic barriers are easy to move, install, disintegrate and connect to form a continuous wall.

Solid fences

In order to protect your precious garden, although forcing large animals, such as deer, to be rejected may be very expensive. It may be the only way to protect your yard from expensive losses. Barrier fences work best when the animal doesn't know what it's protecting. As a result, it is better for you to make it more compact. Hungry animals that know food is available will work harder to get through any fence. Strong barrier fences provide visual barriers, so they don't know what they lack.

Electric fences

The electric barrier fence is expensive and needs maintenance, but has little effect on the real scene and is more effective than the solid fence. As animals know that they are "very hot ", the electronic fence is most effective. Once the peanut butter is applied to the fence, it can attract animals to shock them, and then apply peanut butter to the fence so they are unlikely to test the fence again. Prevent vegetation from touching the fence. it will reduce the charge or ground it. But you’d best check the local regulations on the building fence first. Large fences may block the desired view or violate codes.

Barrier fences for pets

For cats and dogs, you'll need to build a 3-foot-high barbed wire barrier fence with sturdy columns. Cats probably won't crawl over them, and most dogs won't be able to knock them down. Bend the bottom of the barrier fence outward to create a 2-foot-wide apron along the ground to prevent dogs from digging under it. Deer is probably the highest-ranking of many homeowners. Because deer can jump, the barrier fence needs to be tilted high to stop them. There are many deer stall designs available to game managers. One effective option is an 8 - to 10-foot barrier fence that slopes at a 45-degree Angle in the most likely direction. It will make them think twice. Keep the barrier fence flat to the ground, because deer can wiggle under it, too. It is best to exclude rabbits with a 2-foot-high wire barrier fence with 1-inch diameter holes. To prevent them from going under, you'll need to bend the bottom of the barrier fence 90 degrees to create an apron about a foot wide and bury it a few inches deep.


In addition, there are many kinds of barrier fences according to the structure, function and so on. These are just a few of the typical ones, which briefly reflect the characteristics and advantages of barrier fences.


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