plastic barrier fence
plastic barrier fence

YONGTE Plastic Barrier Fence

YONGTE Plastic barrier fence is made of HDPE with UV stabilized. First, it is used for safety, working as a warning barrier, keeping crowd control from dangerous, such as work sites, new building construction. Second, it is used for garden, protecting plants and flowers from animals and destroyers. Third, it is used for farm, feeding animals and isolating other animals. According to different uses, our products can be classified as safety fence, garden fence, hexagonal mesh, diamond mesh. No matter where it is used, we will provide the video of installation.

Types of Plastic Barrier Fence

How to Install Plastic Barrier Fence

Plastic barrier fence installation
Check the condition
First, please research your sites. Whether it is a construction site or a large event, in what areas do you want to be isolated from dangerous or the public. From there, you can determine the exact location where place the fence.
Step-in posts
According to the different needs, step-in posts into the ground at a distance.
Install barrier fence to the posts
Open plastic barrier fence, attaching it easily to the posts with cable ties.

Plastic Barrier Fence Applications

plastic barrier fence10
Plastic barrier fence is used on construction site, warning the crowd to keep away from the dangerous.
plastic barrier fence9
Plastic barrier fence also named as garden fence, protection plants and flowers from animals and destroyers.
plastic barrier fence8
Plastic barrier fence mainly called as hexagonal mesh poultry net, widely used in feeding chicken and isolating other animals.
plastic barrier fence7
Underground Warning Mesh is an excellent warning device for underground protection utilities .such as pipeline and cables.
plastic barrier fence11
Diamond mesh is a tough plastic fence with diamond shape mesh, the perfect rigidity will easily help the fence to be stood up, So it is an attractive ideal for gardening and farm areas.

Customized Plastic Barrier Fence

Why Choose YONGTE Plastic Barrier Fence

A strong service team
We have a strong pre-sales and after-sales service team, able to efficiently and quickly provide the best quality service to the customers. We are honored to offer you free samples if we have stocks. If your specification is designed we can offer you in 3-5 days. Except, we can also provide you the video of installation on line.
Quality first, customer supreme
Our company adhering to the tenet of “quality first, customer supreme”. We have a professional product quality control team, execute company production policy and pay more attentions on it according to the customers’ request. Each item should be make report and analysis each report to ensure the quality.
Foreign advanced technology
In order to further explore the market, our company continued to introduce domestic and foreign advanced technology, production equipment, management tool, to develop new products.

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More than 20 years′ experience in the plastic mesh field

After more than 20 years′ experience in the plastic mesh field, our products are extending widely to safety fence, snow fence, garden square mesh, diamond mesh, hexagonal poultry mesh, underground warning mesh and we are still continuing on. 
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