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what are the advantages of barrier fences?

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what are the advantages of barrier fences?

A barrier fence is often to confine or exclude a person or animal, as a boundary or decoration. Wood, soil, stone and metal are widely used for fencing. In many places, hedges in England and on the Continent, and cactus hedges in Latin America, for example, have been made into barrier fences with living plants. In well-constructed timber countries such as the Colonies and 19th century North America, many styles of wooden fencing were developed, such as serrated rails laid on separate tracks, rear rails and pickets. On the plains of Eastern Europe and the western United States, turf fences were erected that could usually stand for years without heavy rain. In the modern world, the barrier fence is a high visibility warning fence usually made of molded polyethylene with super high performance. Fences are most times used to provide safety and crowd control during construction sites, demolition sites, traffic, public safety and special events. We list some advantages below to make introductions to you about barrier fences.

1) Increased Privacy

2) Brand business

3) Increased security

barrier fence

Increased Privacy

In many construction sites, it will interrupt a lot to the constructors if they are situated in an open place. The barrier fences can not only prevent passers-by from entering the working area, but also eliminate the interference that may affect the construction personnel. The fence panel can cover the mesh so that the constructor can get all the privacy needed to focus on the work at hand. In addition, these barrier fences prevent any debris from escaping from the work area itself.

Brand business

In addition to ensuring the safety and privacy of the project, construction companies can use panels on the barrier fences to promote their brands. By adding the logo to the loose cloth panel, enterprises can get important exposure opportunities and increase brand awareness. The best part is you can screen print your logo on the mesh cover and cut it into a certain size to make it stick perfectly on the fence.

Increased security

1. For construction companies, the bad news is that accidents occur regularly in the work area. According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 773 people die each year from traffic accidents in the work area. Therefore, construction companies must do everything they can to ensure that their work areas are as safe as possible. Barrier fences are a good complement to plastic barricades because they can limit the damage by blocking accident debris. In addition, because the barrier fence is more than 8 feet high at the time of installation, it can prevent anyone from trying to expand the fence and enter the potentially dangerous area. In roadside construction safety, it is best to pay more attention.

2. For the safety of pets, the concern is that although pets are cute and amusing when playing with them, they are sometimes over-active or even restless. Build a 3-foot-high barrier fence with sturdy columns. Cats probably won't crawl over them, and most dogs won't be able to knock them down. Bend the bottom of the fence outward to create a 2-foot-wide apron along the ground to prevent dogs from digging under it. This may help you sleep in your sleepless nights and ensure that your pets are safe.


Not only barrier fence is convenient, cheap and recyclable. It still maintains high practicability, mainly reflected in its security and privacy. By the way, fences are the only way to keep wild and domestic animals away from precious gardens. Although this may be expensive to prevent large animals such as deer, it is the only way to protect your yard from expensive damage.


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