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When can plastic safety mesh be used?

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When can plastic safety mesh be used?

A plastic safety mesh is a mesh that extends horizontally and has a boundary rope that crosses the boundary net. When it is not possible to prevent a fall directly, a fall plastic safety mesh is used to catch the person. For example, mosquito meshes are used to catch people working under the roofs of halls and during bridge construction. In contrast to the wire rope plastic safety device, it has a net complete freedom of motion. It serves as collective protection for all work and transportation processes in the safe area. Because of the highly elastic deformation of the mesh, falling people are more likely to be caught than rope plastic safety equipment. Let's talk about other circumstances that plastic safety mesh can be used.


The plastic safety mesh is designed to prevent internal objects from falling from the roof. If secure, the plastic safety mesh can provide anti-fall protection for roof installers and long-term anti-fall protection for maintenance and maintenance personnel. The plastic safety mesh can not prevent falling through holes from the roof edge or roof, so it should always be used in conjunction with appropriate edge protection devices, guardrails or anti-fall systems.

A plastic safety mesh shall comply with the requirements of the AS / NZS 4389 plastic safety mesh, which sets out minimum requirements for the design, construction, testing and installation of plastic safety meshes for household, commercial and industrial building applications.

Silkscreen shall be formed by wire of 2 mm diameter with tensile strength not less than 450 MPa and welded into the mesh. the spacing of longitudinal wires shall not exceed 150 mm and the spacing of cross wires shall not exceed 300 mm. The plastic safety mesh shall be installed by qualified personnel in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, and appropriate control measures (such as scaffolding, elevated working platform or anti-fall system) shall be used to protect the plastic safety mesh from the risk of falling.

Extra care is needed to ensure that the mesh is firmly connected to the structure and that the overlapping portion between adjacent mesh parts is sufficient to produce the necessary strength to resist the human force that falls on it. After installing the plastic safety mesh, it should be covered on the roof as soon as possible within a reasonable and feasible range.


Transparent, woven and woven polyethylene monofilament meshes can exclude harmful insects in greenhouses and tunnels, or keep pollinated insects inside.

Fine protective meshes protect plants from insects (free of pesticides), which can lead to viruses, deformities, damage, and quality and quantity decline. Insect nets can also be placed above greenhouse openings to prevent pollination insects such as bumblebees from escaping.

Insect meshes can be used in a variety of structures, including loose covers, rigid barriers, internal components of greenhouses, sieves for greenhouse doors and ventilation windows, field crops and large tunnel covers. Meshes of various sizes have been developed to control different insects while maximizing light transmission and balancing ventilation requirements.


The main reason for installing isolation plastic meshes for gymnasiums is that they have security functions. There is no risk of hitting the ball in the safe hall of games and tournaments. In addition, as mentioned earlier, the barrier grid is also shown as a fence grid, allowing you to separate the various parts of the stadium. The solution is often used during the training of each team because it allows you to specify the components of each team. More importantly, grids are usually used in schools with large stadiums. They often provide PE classes for several groups. The plastic mesh allows you to separate parts of the hall and conduct courses in specific spaces. Therefore, in many cases, separating space is a practical solution.


You can trust our plastic safety mesh products in many cases, whether when danger occurs, when danger is prevented, or when outside invasion needs to be resisted. Contact us for more wonderful information.


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