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What is the use of a plastic safety fence?

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What is the use of a plastic safety fence?

Construct fences with our plastic safety materials to protect workplaces from intruders and keep passers-by safe. Whenever you work on a construction project or work that requires heavy machinery, you need a quick way to form boundaries to reduce intrusions and potential harm. A plastic safety fence will make it known to all that the area is off limits to all but authorized personnel. Plastic safety fences are easy to install and are usually made into products of some eye-catching color. High visibility orange and green provide valuable visible boundaries for your project site. The fences are also easy to remove after construction, digging, or cleaning. So where can we use plastic safety fences? For what use do we install plastic safety fences?

l For family use

l For controlling the area of your working sites

l For warning

For family use

Safety fencesaren't just a popular tool on construction sites. The fence can also be used for residential applications. For example, if you have a home improvement project site that you want your children or pets to avoid, you can easily install this plastic safety fence around it. Plastic safety fences can be used to keep wildlife out of the garden or to enclose it when it is closed for the winter. Farmers can also use them to temporarily divide a field while more permanent fences are built.

For controlling the area of your working sites

Our plastic safety fence is ideal for temporary lining buildings, industrial or similar outdoor work areas. There are several basic purposes for using this weatherproof fence. First, from a practical point of view, the durable, easy-to-set material keeps out debris, dirt and intruders. Secondly, the 70mm x 40mm polygonal mesh fence clearly demarcates the work area, as the orange or green shades are very visible, to avoid confusion between staff and outsiders. The authorities require the use of such temporary fences at most construction sites for safety, containment and as a visible barrier.

For warning

It is difficult to ignore the color. The plastic safety fence, usually orange, on the construction site is used to specify the "avoid" area, like the familiar orange barrel on the road or the orange cone behind the multifunctional car. Perforated, soft, high-waist orange safety fences define perimeter or alert you to hazards. The message is that areas outside temporary roadblocks should not be broken. The message is sent by color, not the height, strength, or persistence of the obstacle.

Although the plastic safety fence originally used at construction sites was designed to provide a barrier for small animals to protect trees and protect sensitive areas, it is now commonly used to mean "forbidden areas ". In addition to identifying temporary hazards, it is a simple way to prevent deer and other animals from straying into busy streets and can be used as a temporary snow fence. Open-air reminders benefit from potholes, wet cement, potholes, crime scenes and crowd control.


Installation of green or orange plastic safety fences is easy for construction professionals and home projects.

Whether you need orange, other colors or styles of temporary plastic safety fences, we will be here to provide you with suitable, economical and durable safety fences. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your project.


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After more than 20 years′ experience in the plastic mesh field, our products are extending widely to safety fence, snow fence, garden square mesh, diamond mesh, hexagonal poultry mesh, underground warning mesh and we are still continuing on. 
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