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What are the advantages of plastic safety fence?

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What are the advantages of plastic safety fence?

A plastic safety fence is a common garden product. Because they are light and easy to install, you can install all the components yourself. On our website, you will be able to find plastic safety fence with many different colors, such as orange, green, beige and black. They are also available in a variety of sizes and shapes according to your needs and requirements.

We are one of the best manufacturers and exporters of plastic safety fence in China. You can depend on our quality. The quality of the plastic safety fence we use is very high because of the extensive use of the latest technology in the production process. Therefore, we have a high demand in the market. Choosing a plastic safety fence over a metal fence has several advantages. We'll mention some of them to better understand them.

l Light-weight

l Reduce labor intensity

l Color change

l Durability

l Optional size


They are known for their lightweight, especially when compared to metal options. Even with the same aperture size and diameter, it will be lighter. The plastic safety fence is made of lightweight polyethylene and is much lighter than traditional concrete barriers. The lighter design makes these obstacles very portable, making them an excellent choice for temporary workplaces and activities. Transportation costs are also greatly reduced thanks to the lighter design. Because they are not permanently fixed to the ground, they can be reused many times, saving the cost of buying new barriers.

Reduce labor intensity

Their portability and lightness also mean plastic safety fences are less labour-intensive, and can be easily handled and installed by two people.

Color change

Polyethylene plastics have many bright colors and can be easily seen even at a distance. Visibility is an important component of the effectiveness of plastic safety fence. Ultraviolet inhibitors were added to the plastic to ensure that the colour would not fade after prolonged exposure to the sun. Because the isolation layers are made of polyethylene, they are 100% recyclable and do not end up in landfills.


Due to its light weight character, plastic safety fence is easy to install and remove for future use.

Optional size

Available in a variety of sizes and designs, from the standard jersey fence height of 36 and 48 inches, to the higher 1.8M design and lower model fence height, usually 24 inches. A lower height is ideal when visibility is compromised by the use of a higher barrier. Plastic safety fences are a good option for temporary projects, which may require constant relocation of barriers. They can be easily moved between workplaces or events and stored when not in use. Plastic safety fence can also be used for special installations such as highways and military operations.


Plastic barrier fences are excellent for road safety, crowd control ,work sites and activities. They are lightweight, portable and more cost effective than concrete barriers, while providing the necessary level of security for your project. However, it is important to understand their shortcomings in order to make appropriate adjustments and take preventive measures in special cases.


More than 20 years′ experience in the plastic mesh field

After more than 20 years′ experience in the plastic mesh field, our products are extending widely to safety fence, snow fence, garden square mesh, diamond mesh, hexagonal poultry mesh, underground warning mesh and we are still continuing on. 
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