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Introduction to barrier mesh

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Introduction to barrier mesh

A mesh is a barrier made of HDPE. Barrier mesh is usually used to warn of danger or to prevent access to unauthorized areas. They deploy quickly and are ideal for event management, flow control, or any other environment that may temporarily limit access to certain areas, manufactured in different weights and grades to suit applications. There are quantities of sites that barrier mesh can be used in like construction sites, sports events and restricted areas, functioning as separating, warning,controlling people flows, protecting and even advertising and so on.

1) Features

2) Uses

3) Installations

4) Conclusion of advantages

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A barrier mesh can be made of virgin HDPE or recycled HDPE, which is extruded into a net to provide safety, protection and a lot of other uses. Anti-corrosion, flexible, lightweight, easy to install and take down, re-usable, highly visible are its features.


1. The construction site may become dangerous because open ditches, large metal rods and iron sheets may cause harm to people and site visitors. Setting a barrier mesh fence around the building area can help prevent injuries that can lead to legal problems. The security barrier mesh, especially around the perimeter of the site, is essential for construction site safety, as it helps to reduce financial losses due to theft of construction materials. The barrier mesh will prevent opportunistic criminals from entering the scene and destroying or stealing equipment.

2. The installation of isolation barrier mesh for the stadium is with safety function. There is no risk of batting in the game and the safe halls of the game. Also, if the Windows in the hall could be broken by the ball, it was a measure of protection. Of course, all the protection meshes are designed to prevent the ball from penetrating. In many cases, this is determined by practical considerations, as you don't have to chase the ball to the corner of the hall. The barrier mesh also appears as a fence net, allowing you to separate parts of the stadium. This solution is typically used in each team's training because it allows you to specify parts for each team.

3. A snow barrier mesh fence, similar to a sand fence, is a type of windshield that forces windblown snow to accumulate in the desired location. It is mainly used to minimize the amount of snow on roads and railways. Farmers and ranchers use snow barrier mesh to create drifts in the catchments for ready water supply in the spring. Ski resorts also use skis to increase the depth of snow in certain areas or for avalanche control.

4. Barrier meshes are widely used in the home and farm areas with its good performance of none-splinters, smooth edges and anti-rust. It is easy to install a screen for flower or vegetable gardens, a trellis for climbing flowers or plants, a temporary fence for newly planted shrubs and trees. Fine barrier meshes protect plants from animals.

5. Transparent, extruded polyethylene barrier meshes can called as poultry net, widely used in caging poultry feeding and isolating the other animals or farm areas. Also can be used between railings and split the rail fence. With no sharp edges, it is easy to install and take down without danger.


1) Step 1: Check the condition

2) Step 2: Step-in posts

3) Step 3: Install barrier mesh to the posts

Conclusion of advantages

1. The price is suitable and economic

2. Made of a variety of virgin HDPE or recycled HDPE

3. It has many functions and broad applications already

4. It is visible and suitable for warning

5. It has a good safety factor

6. Easy to recycle


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