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Where should a plastic safety mesh be rigged?

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Where should a plastic safety mesh be rigged?

A safety mesh is a cost-effective fence that is as flexible as it is for practical use. You can use it near construction sites, sporting events, concerts, fairs, or carnivals to protect workers, divert traffic, and control crowds. Safety mesh is usually UV-resistant, easy to install and remove, and highly visible. Many barrier fences are designed to provide protection around construction sites and manholes, or to be used as building contours. The main benefits plastic safety meshes, which is the most widely used around the world, offer include high resistance, ease of installation and customization, and moderate price. They are also durable, versatile and of high aesthetic value. We'll look at some of the typical places where plastic safety mesh is used.

l At the site of working at height

l In roads

l In the courtyard and garden

At the site of working at height

There is no doubt that safety meshes play an important role in providing a safer working environment for people working at height, usually industrial roof cladding and floor layering. In 1998, the first safety mesh was installed to any reasonable level, so we are now seven years into a business that is decades or even centuries old in the rest of the industry. In the second year, the total number of reported incidents provoked by the use of the safety mesh was 45 - it would be reasonable to double this number to include unreported incidents.

The safety mesh hangs directly below the platform from which workers could fall. They are designed to reduce the load on the structure to which the drop gear and safety mesh system are connected. By providing a soft landing for the falling person by stretching in a controlled manner, they minimise the height and consequences of the fall, thus minimizing damage.

There are two main reasons why safety meshes have proved so successful in such a short period of time. First, they provide collective protection, which is an option among the proposed rules for working at height. For example, mosquito nets and guardrails can provide collective protection and are usually installed by competent experts who should be handed over to a safe area upon completion. This means that once the system is installed and handed over in this controlled way, all people working at high altitude in the area will be protected.


In agriculture, we combine metal mesh with agriculture, but heavy-duty plastic mesh can be a short-term alternative, especially for smaller cattle or chicken enclosures. In conservation, it is used to cordon off and protect important conservation priority areas, such as ponds, trees and plants.

Historical excavations

In historical excavations, plastic wire mesh can isolate portions of historical excavations to ensure workers do not accidentally contaminate or destroy key artifacts or evidence.

In the courtyard and garden

Safety plastic mesh is an effective way to keep wild and domestic animals away from this precious garden. Although it may be expensive to keep large animals, such as deer, away from your yard and garden, this may be the only way to protect your yard from expensive damage. Remember, Safety meshes work best when the animal doesn't know what it is protecting. Hungry animals know that there is food to eat, and they will work harder to pass through any plastic barriers. The sturdy safety mesh provides a visual barrier, so they don't know what they are missing.

Electric safety meshes are expensive and require maintenance, but they have less impact on the real scene and are more effective than solid plastic fence nets. If the animal knows that it is "hot", the electronic safety mesh best. Once the peanut butter is spread on the safety mesh, it can be used to shock animals, and then the peanut butter can be spread on the safety mesh. They are unlikely to test this boundary again. Prevent plants from contacting the safety mesh. It will reduce the charge or ground. But first, you must check the local regulations for the construction of safety mesh. Large safety mesh may block the ideal view or violate regulations. Build different plastic barriers to contain different animals.


You need to fully consider your use before buying our products. For example, plastic barrier mesh requirements for banks are different from fencing requirements for schools. This is because banks need to put a lot of effort into security, while schools will take full advantage of the benefits of ensuring that the compound is free from external interference and safe for learners. So, you may want to read more about our articles, so stay tuned.


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