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What is the use of plastic safety mesh?

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What is the use of plastic safety mesh?

Mesh is a barrier made of connected metal, fiber or other flexible or extensible materials. It has many attached or woven strands. Plastic mesh can be extruded, oriented, swollen, woven or tubular. Which can be made of polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon, PVC or PTFE. In clothing, the mesh is a loosely woven or knitted fabric with many tightly spaced holes. Knitted mesh is often used in modern sports jerseys and other clothing such as socks and lingerie for women. And in construction sites, the mesh is usually used for security as a kind of barrier.

l The plastic safety mesh used to separate

l The plastic safety mesh used for safety protection

l Plastic safety mesh used to block insects

l Safety mesh to protect privacy

The plastic safety mesh used to separate

For example, in stadiums, the main reason for the installation of isolation plastic safety mesh is that they have safety functions. There is no risk of hitting the ball in the safe hall of the game and the game. In addition, as mentioned earlier, the isolation plastic safety mesh is also displayed as a fence net, allowing you to separate the various parts of the stadium. This solution is often used during the training of each team because it allows you to specify parts for each team. More importantly, plastic safety mesh is usually used in schools with large stadiums. They often offer physical education classes for several groups. This network allows you to separate the various parts of the hall and conduct courses in specific spaces. Therefore, in many cases, dividing the space is a practical solution. For almost all social and economic activities conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic, maintaining a safe physical distance is essential. However, in many situations or activities, the distance from other people should not exceed 2 m, and remember to do so. To solve this problem, the Public Health Agency of Canada, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization and many other agencies have widely recommended the use of transparent physical barriers. These barrier layers are usually made of acrylic (plexiglass) or polycarbonate plastics, which are lighter than glass, easier to form, and have greater impact resistance than glass.

The plastic safety mesh used for safety protection

First, the plastic safety mesh improves the safety of workers and visitors. Open channels, large metal rods and iron plates may cause harm to people and site visitors, making the site dangerous. Setting up a mesh fence around the building area can help prevent injuries that may cause legal issues.

Secondly, property safety. The plastic safety mesh, especially around the construction site, is very important to the safety of the construction site, because it helps to reduce the economic loss caused by the theft of construction materials. The network will prevent opportunistic criminals from entering the scene, sabotaging or stealing equipment.

Last but not least, comply with safety requirements and health and safety. Different construction projects have specific rules and regulations regarding health and safety requirements. These laws are easy to comply with, but you must ensure that you understand these requirements to ensure the safety of employees and avoid legal troubles. If you want to avoid being penalized by the city council, using a simple grid fence around the construction site can ensure that your site has several safety requirements boxes.

Plastic safety mesh used to block insects

Transparent, woven and woven polyethylene monofilament meshes can eliminate harmful insects in greenhouses and tunnels, or keep pollinating insects in them.

A fine protective plastic safety mesh protects plants from insect invasion (no pesticides are used), which may cause viruses, deformities, destruction, and a decline in quality and quantity. Insect nets can also be placed above the greenhouse opening to prevent pollinating insects such as bumblebees from escaping.

Insect meshes can be used in a variety of structures, including-loose coverings, rigid barriers, interior parts of greenhouses, screens for greenhouse doors and ventilation windows, farmland crops and large tunnel coverings. Meshes of different sizes have been developed to control different insects while maximizing light transmission and balancing ventilation requirements.

Safety mesh to protect privacy

plastic privacy barrier mesh makes the outdoor area more private. Usually used in construction sites, tennis courts, sports fields, festivals and event venues. While convenient, waterproof, sweatproof, windproof and sand-proof, you can enjoy better privacy.


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