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What are the advantages of plastic safety mesh?

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What are the advantages of plastic safety mesh?

Plastic barrier mesh is suitable for a wide range of uses. It can be used for plant supports, garden fences and plastic mesh hedges. They are usually more rigid than barrier fences. This means it can be used for semi-permanent or long-term installations, which may include swimming pools, terraces, construction sites and balconies. These meshes are now common in pet racetracks, dog fences and plastic fences. The main benefits these meshes offer include high resistance, ease of installation and customization, and moderate price. They are also durable, versatile and of high aesthetic value. In the following, we will list some specific points to detail the benefits of plastic safety mesh.

l Light-weight

l Durability

l Versatility

l Can be customized

l Environmentally friendly


Plastic safety meshes are hollow, which is why they weigh so much less than metal or concrete. They are usually filled with water and can be easily discharged through a drain plug at the bottom. Their lightweight nature makes them portable, which greatly reduces transportation costs. Because they are light and easy to deploy, more units can be loaded into the vehicle and less manpower is required to install them. This eliminates the need to hire forklifts to move them between activities or duty stations.


The plastic safety meshes are molded into individual modules, meaning that no moving parts will loosen or break over time. There are no metal hinges that might rust. Each unit is designed to interlock to create a continuous wall or barricade without the use of pins or cables. Our road plastics safety meshes are made from high quality polyethylene which is rolled moulded to provide optimum durability. They have a minimum thickness of 8mm, so they will not crack or break under normal use. These barriers can persist for more than 40 years.


The heads of each barricade allow multiple units to interlock and act as pivot points to set barriers at various angles. This allows your safety mesh to swing when to hit, rather than break or topple.

Speaking of versatility, plastic barricades can accommodate additional features to accommodate a variety of applications, including banners, warning signs, security lights and signs to improve visibility.

Can be customized

The beauty of polyethylene plastic is that it has a variety of attractive colors and can be seen from a distance. Visibility is an important factor to ensure the effectiveness of safety barriers in road applications. UV inhibitors are added to the plastic during manufacturing to prevent color fading even when exposed to constant sunlight.

In addition to color, plastic safety meshes can be molded in any shape or size. Therefore, if you have specifications other than the standard, we can help you design and manufacture a custom guardrail for your intended application. These can even be trademarked on your company name or logo for marketing purposes, or just to prevent on-the-job theft.

Environmentally friendly

Not all plastics are bad for the environment. In fact, polyethylene is 100% recyclable. So when your plastic roadblocks are no longer functional, they can be reprocessed into something else instead of going to a landfill.


All of these characteristics make plastic safety meshes ideal for crowd and traffic control on highways, construction areas, parking lots, harbors, sporting events, shows, sidewalks, and many other situations.

That being said, not all plastic roadblocks are created equal. Accuracy and structural quality are critical to ensuring your selection of barriers even in the harshest conditions.

In our company, we design, design and manufacture the highest quality safety meshes on the market, and we cater to many different industries. Contact us here today to start your next project.


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