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  • SR series is economic quality safety fence and made of Virgin HDPE mixed with recycled material. The low cost is more attractive for cash-starved construction projest or short-term warning areas.As such fence is just made for warning, no strength or long durability is requested. Definitely, it will be a good choice for economic clients.
  • V-SR series' material is made of 100% Virgin HDPE with UV protection no any recycled. Its high strength, good elongation and long durability attract the customers a lot, alsoits fluorescent orange color can be easily noticed, so it is always a perfect ideal for special requested construction sites,hazardous walk areas and snow drift control etc.
  • plastic square mesh is also called as multi-purposed fence and Garden fence, it is widely used in the home, commercial businesses and farm areas with its good performance of none-splinters, smooth edges and anti-rust. It is easy to install a screen for flower or vegetable gardens, a trellis for climbing flowers or plants, a temporary fence for newly planted shrubs and trees, or a compost bin.
  • Diamond mesh is a tough plastic fence with diamond shape mesh, the perfect rigidity will easily help the fence to be stood up, contributing to its heavy weight, the superior strength and long durability are its outstanding advantage. So it is an attractive ideal for gardening and farm areas
  • Underground Warning Mesh is an excellent warning device for underground protection utilities such as pipeline and cables. This brightly coloured mesh has a warning message for easy recognition on excavator.
  • Snow fence is a must for winter safety. With its heavy weight and superior tensile strength, the snow fence will not be fragile or deform in deep cold weather. So it is widely used in snow drift control along roads, in park lots, commercial and residential areas.
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How to install plastic safety fence?

Temporary plastic safety fences can hinder the safety of buildings, construction sites and venues. The temporary plastic safety fence panel is designed to allow quick and easy assembly on various surfaces. The law requires temporary walls to be restricted to any safety hazards during demolition, excavation and construction. During the project, the entire length of the construction site must be enclosed.

It is also important to set up plastic safety fences for public safety - because you may be responsible if members of the public are injured because they do not have enough fences.

Various industries and applications are provided with various types of temporary fence panels and types, including building panels, door panels and heavy-duty options. In order to comply with safety laws and standards, it is necessary to ensure that temporary fences are properly installed. Keep reading to understand how to be right, effective and above all - secure your site.

1) Step 1: Check the condition

2) Step 2: Lay out your base

3) Step 3: Install and connect the panel

4) Step 4: Add plastic safety fence accessories and/or signage

5) Step 5: Remove plastic safety fence and store for future use

Step 1: Check the condition

First, please research your sites. Whether it's a construction site or a large event, determine what kind of pedestrian flow you want. In what areas do you want to be isolated from the public? From there, you can determine the exact location where you want to place the fence.

Step 2: Lay out your base

After identifying the area to be secured, place the temporary plastic safety fence base - high visibility plastic post - in place. Each plastic safety fence is equipped with visible plastic post, and the fender is easy to slide into. As the length of each fence panel is a standard length, the post with high vision should be spread out and one post should be placed per fence length.

Step 3: Install and connect the panel

Now that you have your post in place, slide the temporary plastic safety fence panel into the holes in the plastic post. Tie plastic safety fence to the post with cable ties. Continue to set the plastic safety fence panel where you placed the plastic post. The plastic safety fence itself is very light, so a person can easily make it on their own.

Step 4: Add plastic safety fence accessories and/or signage

For many, this is an optional step, as you may not have additional fence accessories or privacy checks to supplement your temporary plastic safety fence setup.

However, if you do have some of these plastic safety fence items, such as wheel kits or expansion panels, now is the time to add them.

Step 5: Remove plastic safety fence and store for future use

The advantage of a temporary plastic safety fence is that it can be stored well. Unlike traditional chains, which are tangled and cumbersome. Remove plastic safety fence and store for future use.


In order to ensure a safe and healthy environment in and around your work site, during the entire project period, temporary fences, such as the plastic safety fence panels, must be installed correctly and safely.

Please read carefully to learn how to install a temporary plastic safety fence safely and correctly to protect your workplace!


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