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How can barrier mesh be used for security?

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How can barrier mesh be used for security?

Mesh is a barrier made of connected metal, fiber or other flexible or extensible materials. It has many attached or woven strands. Plastic mesh can be extruded, oriented, swollen, woven or tubular. Which can be made of polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon, PVC or PTFE. In clothing, the mesh is a loosely woven or knitted fabric with many tightly spaced holes. Knitted mesh is often used in modern sports jerseys and other clothing such as socks and lingerie for women. And in construction sites, the mesh is usually used for security as a kind of barrier.

① Barrier mesh can be used for health security

② Barrier mesh can be used for property security

③ Barrier mesh can be used for physical safety

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For health security

Barrier mesh can be used to protect you from sunlight. Shading meshes provide excellent sun protection in a variety of environments. They are usually made of woven polyethylene mesh material with durable polypropylene webbing that protects your space from excessive sunlight while still maintaining sufficient airflow to maintain a comfortable indoor atmosphere. Depending on the demand, many shadow levels from 40% to 95% can be provided.

These barrier meshes are perfect for residential, commercial and agricultural applications. Install them on the porch and terrace of the outdoor dining area at home or restaurant. They are also perfect for protecting greenhouses, nurseries and livestock from strong sunlight. Pet owners will also benefit from using barrier mesh to shelter outdoor kennels to keep animals happy and healthy. Shading curtain has a standard size and custom size, can meet many specifications.

For property security

In general, safety barrier meshes are mesh panels used as impervious shields behind safety windows and safety doors. their thickness shall be greater than mm.0.35 They can be made of different materials, such as fiberglass, aluminum and stainless steel, and are woven and patented to provide safety and protection. Remember that safety net materials for safe doors and windows affect the safety level they provide. Among all the mentioned materials, the advanced stainless steel safety net performs best in terms of impact resistance and cutting resistance, thus providing better safety.

One of the most obvious features of a secure mesh system is its strength. It is a highly elastic and durable barrier that can withstand any impact and damage attempts. The characteristics of braided fine mesh prevent it from cutting, chiseling, or breaking with any sharp weapon or even bullets. They can also withstand severe weather and environmental corrosion factors, such as acid rain.

In yards, barrier mesh may be the only way to keep wild and domestic animals out of your precious garden. While keeping large animals (such as deer) out of your yard and garden can be expensive, it can protect your yard from costly damage. Remember, a fenced enclosure works best when the animal doesn't know what it's protecting. A hungry animal that knows there is food will work harder to get through any mesh. A solid barrier mesh provides a visual barrier, so they don't know what is missing.

Electric meshes are expensive and require maintenance, but they have less impact on the landscape and are more effective than solid meshes. Electronic enclosures work best if the animals know they are "hot". After applying peanut butter to the barrier mesh, it can be used to shock the animals and then the peanut butter can be applied to the barrier mesh. They are unlikely to test the mesh again. Prevent vegetation from touching the mesh. It will reduce the electrical charge or ground it. But first, you need to check local codes on building meshes. Large meshes may block the desired view or violate codes. Build different meshes to accommodate different animals.

For physical safety

For example, in many construction sites, construction workers will be greatly disturbed and hazardous if they are in an open space. A barrier not only prevents passersby or vehicles from entering the work area, but also eliminates the distractions that could affect construction workers. Barrier panels can cover the grid so that builders can get all the privacy they need to focus on the job at hand. In addition, these barrier coverings prevent any debris from escaping from the work area itself. The bad news for construction companies is that accidents in the work area occur with some regularity. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 773 people die each year from workplace traffic accidents. As a result, construction companies must do everything they can to ensure their work areas are as safe as possible. Barrier enclosures are a great complement to plastic barrier meshes because they limit the damage by retaining debris from accidents. In addition, because barrier mesh panels are over 8 feet tall when installed, they prevent anyone from trying to expand the fence and enter a potentially dangerous area. When it comes to roadside safety, it's best to take extra care.


In conclusion, good-quality and durable weaving barrier meshes have a good effect of isolating space. They can not only prevent the intrusion on accidental criminals, but also prevent urban residents or vehicles from accidentally entering. On a very small level, it can prevent many insects from affecting the house Intrusion, it can also cut off the sun's rays.


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